Gold Rush Trailer from charliechaplin on Vimeo.

The Gold Rush (1925)

Music composed by Charles Chaplin in 1942 when he edited the film slightly, took out the title - cards and added a narration to the film, thus making it a sound film.

Score restored and adapted for live performance to fit the original silent 1925 version (with re inserted title cards) by Timothy Brock

Film Specs

> Needs specially cut aperture gate, and rack adjustments in the last reel. Copyright of both original and revised scores: Roy Export Company Establishment and Bourne Co. All rights reserved.


new score restoration by Timothy Brock 2007

Reduced Orchestration

music by Charles Chaplin chamber orchestra version Compiled by Timothy Brock 2007 Available for very small venues and / or local cultural organisations with low funding. Not available for venues seating more than 700