Symphony chaplin

"The audience was certainly thrilled to be there, judging by the uninhibited laughter that erupted throughout the film, punctuated by bursts of applause after standout scenes.

The symphonic richness of the score, far from seeming inflated or intrusive, lent depth and nuance to “Modern Times,” a comic indictment of industrialization and the exploitation of labor, the last Chaplin film in which he appears as the Little Tramp."

The New York Times, September 21, 2014 - Modern Times with the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Timothy Brock

The performances in Kure (Hiroshima) & in Kyoto were very successful. Especially in Kyoto, many children (5 year old~ high school students) attended the concert and they laughed a lot and were very excited. I know that they had a great time . We are very glad because we always make people happy with our Orchestral Live Performances of Chaplin Films. The orchestra members also love Chaplin’s Films very much !

Rie Shirakata - Kyoto Symphony Orchestra - City Lights - December 2011, conducted by Ichiro Saito

Join the Symphony Orchestras worldwide who have already discovered the hilarious box office hit a Chaplin film plus a Chaplin score can be... If Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore, St Louis, Moscow, London and Kyoto Orchestras do it, then SO CAN YOU